Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nature's Original

This morning on the way into work my boss stopped at a local grower’s fruit and vegetable stand and picked up some fresh veggies. When he does this he usually buys a few extras and he typically offers me a few items. I assume he does this because he sees me as the ‘kid’ in the office and in a parenting type of role wants to assure that I am eating at least a few things here and there that have some sort of nutritional value. I am always appreciative of these little acts of caring, and am definitely happy to have some veggies every once in a while that were grown in a garden as opposed to a corporate farm where vegetables are full of all sorts of interesting chemicals. Usually after getting my goods I pack them away in a plastic bag and put them under my desk or toss them in my messenger bag but today for some reason I left them sitting on my desk. One not one, but two, separate occasions someone has said “What do you have going on there? Looks like you’re in for an interesting weekend with your roommate out of town.”

Seriously? That squash is huge!