Thursday, May 27, 2010

I am A.J.

Its been three weeks since Little A opened her big (perhaps) blue eyes and joined us here in the world outside her momma's belly. You know I actually received several congrats on becoming an Aunt. I'm not really sure if people think I actually had anything to do with the baby being born, or that I put a lot of hard work into it, but I thanked them anyway.

After a week of Mommy, Daddy and AJ time to themselves I figured it was about time to go snuggle the tiniest member of my extended family....that was until two people in my office told me they had the pox. Adult chicken pox to be specific. I was under the belief that once you itched your ass off as a child you were forever free from a round two. I was wrong. Apparently adult chicken pox is hard to diagnose if it is round two for you and no doctor or health department would say you definitely had them, only that you might. They are apparently milder and look more like very tiny, hardly itchy bug bites. With this news and the discovery of some mildly itchy spots on my back, which very likely came from a camping trip the weekend prior but went unnoticed, I said my first out of hospital hello to little A from a distance of 10 feet and through the germ fighting barrier of a screened door. Better safe than sorry right???

After a quarantined week symptom free Little A and I finally got to have our faux hawks unite. After snuggling down in the rocking chair we took a bit to stare at how dangerously good looking the other is. Then we practiced saying our names "Aaaaaaaaa", I also let her know that I will qualify "Aaaaahhhhhh". Finally we had a nice discussion about how while in Aunt A's arms there will be no pukies and no poopies. We had a minor disagreement about the later. Being that Little A is not exactly talking she 'voiced' her disagreement with a shart. Its amazing how something so tiny, and so wonderfully perfect can make such a crude and disgusting noise and smell. I honestly felt her bottom half shake.

Later in the visit after Little A had her 50th meal of the day she started making what is known as 'poopie faces'. I guess when she normally makes this face a poop is on deck and its on its way out pronto. This poo however wasn't expedited so the baby was passed to me, as I apparently make the poopies come.

Couldn't I be the one who makes the baby stop crying?

My first reaction to her baby photo shoot...muy bonita. Second she wearing lip gloss?!? (the answer was no, just naturally good looking)


  1. i read the part about sharting out loud to my dad and we were both laughing our assess off

  2. nothing beats being there in perfect for that shart. gob bless aj and her poopiness that brings me happiness.