Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Twenty Eleven in Review

I learned the importance of car maintenance only after Steve-o almost lost an eye, wondered why I am always the sidekick in my own dreams, found out I'm allergic to angry birds, won trivia, got scared, watched Flav spend two days as a cone head, felt happiness like that I've never felt before, learned doctors don't necessarily understand science, snuggled and fed a baby tiger, fell in love with Hannah Hart, discovered what a heart attack feels like, ate breakfast at mac donalds in three different countries, begrudgingly turned 30, got lost in an Ikea, started an urban farm, kissed a stone named blarney and got a silver tongue, found out that I "look like" a person who would drive an Element, ate Thai food without getting sick, won a Beer Olympics, felt sadness deep inside, made some charts, BINGO!-ed, drank a Guinness while on Irish soil, met Tila Tequila, crafted my face off, and shot my friends.

Not too shabby. But I'm ready to make 2012 my bitch.

1 comment:

  1. You met Tila Tequila?! Why? Did you tell her she's annoying? New Zealand in 2012? A damn good way to start making 2012 your bitch.