Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sunny with a Chance of Awesome

Or at least that was the forecast in my head for the New Year and of course it's Eve. My new year's eve was about as normal as anyone's: spent time with good friends, cocktails, ate good food, got stuck in a tree, cocktails, slipped on my velvet tuxedo, cocktails, dancing, saw the clock tick down and the fireworks go off, cocktails, dancing, and of course a midnight snack.

While there's plenty to discuss there such as the getting stuck in a tree (thanks My BMF who clumsily came to my rescue), donning a velvet tuxedo (met some British guys who told me that Americans dress like rubbish and they liked my 'style', yeah they had a few cocktails), I will just talk a bit more about my midnight snack.

After all the fun to be had at the watering holes was had we made the trek to the only open eatery, Bobby's Roast Beef. After arriving we fought our way through the crowd and ordered the roast beef....which they were out of. Seriously? Your restaurant is called Bobby's ROAST BEEF. We should have stopped when they told us they were out of roast beef, but we didn't' we said "Well, what do you have?" that's like saying- "Give me what no one else has ordered tonight, give me what no one else will eat." We ended up with what was called pulled pork bbq but what I assure you did not taste like pulled pork bbq, and consequently I woke up not feeling so wonderful in the tummy area. Bobby's Roast Beef reminds me of a place in college we used to eat at called Taco Don Chueys, which loosely translates to Jesus's Tacos. They seemed so very delicious at 3am but when you woke up you cursed Jesus and his deceptively delicious tacos and monterey jack queso dipping sauce. Once I was so excited to eat the "deliciousness" that was a Jesus's taco that I ate half of it before I realized it was still wrapped in the grease soaked wax paper. Shouldn't this say something? Granted i was a wee bit intoxicated, but I could NOT tell the difference between a taco and a taco wrapped in wax paper. One apparently tasted as good as the other.

Happy New Year! Perhaps I should resolve to avoid eateries that stay open until 4am....hmmmm....nah.

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