Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wedding Update

16 days to go until My BFF and The Future Mrs. My BFF/Rogue Hand make it official.

Every couple of days I call My BFF to yell the number of days until her wedding, scream wheeeewwww and ask just how excited she is. This (what has become a) ritual is not always met with the exact amount of enthusiasm I would like. Turns out weddings are stressful. They (you know them) say the devil is in the details, and the devil is in full force my friends. I figure, when it comes down to it, the only people that know something is "missing" are the ones who planned the thing. Everyone else is just living it up and celebrating two of their friends getting hitched.

In the end, the wedding and the subsequent reception are really just a huge party. I mean I throw parties all the time, in just a week I am throwing a house re-warming, but you won't see people flying from other states and for some other countries to celebrate me getting new furniture, that type of a commitment to par-tay only arises when two people decide to spend their lives together. In my world, the wedding and the reception should be stress free, after all its one night, a lot of cocktails, and fuzzy memory banks.

What you should be stressing about is the next 20, 40, or 50+ (depending on if you treat your body like a temple or a tent) years. It's called marriage, and you're in it for the long haul buddy. Stress about that ;)

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