Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It's my favorite holiday by far, I mean don't get me wrong...Thanksgiving has the oh so delicious turkey and of course all of those fantastic fixins that leave me in a near comatose state for around three days, and christmas reminds me of happy and even hilarious times like the christmas eve when dad had a little too much nog in his egg and didn't quite make the turn at the landing on the stairs to his bedroom and went full drunk speed into the wall...but Halloween is a day solely devoted to one of my most favorite things in the world---you and everyone around you dressing like idiots.

Due to the nuptials of My BFF and The Future Mrs. My BFF/Rouge Hand falling on the Eve of All Hallows Eve, I had to get my Halloween celebration on a week early which didn't bother me at all but I do think it confused more than a few people at the drinking establishment we regularly visit. This years costume was decided too long ago to remember, and I'm not completely sure what made me decide to go as a man, let alone a man with mutton chops (I'm assuming my reasoning had something to do with a constant need to acquire laughter) but I went as the Wolverine. Along with the wolverine we had a butt pirate, a race horse and robin sparkles just to mention a few. It may not have been Halloween but it certainly felt that way....until next year.

I can now say I know what the wolverine felt like when he first got his claws. It was confusing and I almost jabbed my own eye out about 15 times.

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