Thursday, July 15, 2010

I should have camped more, would have been good practice...

The housing hunt is on and after a solid month of searching, even with the assistance of a realtor, I have discovered that what I am willing to pay to put a roof over my head will do ONLY that. Like with most things that cause panic attacks and adult onset acne I put this stressful problem in the back of my brain and chose to not think about it, which has been working wonderfully in decreasing the amount of aforementioned panic attacks and acne. Whats not great about this tactic, otherwise known as denial (at least according to the Kissy Faced Booty Shaker), is that I am getting down to the wire and still have no place to live upon No Longer Easy E's departure.

At this point its looking like I might be moving into a box. If you need my new address it will be P.O. Box, FL. Thats it, just PO Box, well I suppose if I move into a box next to someone else it might be PO Box on the Left, FL. Well, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I did find one place that is within my price range, one problem...Its 500 sq. feet. I'm not sure how this works, 500 sq feet is tiny. Tiny like as in it has a combo sink/toilet. Assuming it has a separate bedroom as it was not listed as a studio how would one fit a queen size bed in it? I might have to downgrade to a twin bed, which is fine for me, but that isn't going to help when I have visitors over. I'll have to be like "Hey there, welcome to where the magic happens. Yeah, that's right, its a twin. Hope you like to snuggle". P I M P.

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