Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gobble Gobble

It's the time of the year that I give thanks for all the wonderful things in my life, so in no particular order here are a few.

First off, I am so very thankful for my family. They are truly one of a kind. My baby sis, who you know as the Gray Lining, never fails to astound me with random phone calls revealing her next huge money making idea. I'm come to respond with nothing more than "I don't really see any way that could fail" no matter the complexity, insanity, or improbability of success that surrounds it. If any one of these ideas comes to fruition, I'll be right behind her. Though sometimes standing behind her means I might have to move to Indiana and become a Head Cheese Developer. Upside: how awesome would that business card be. Downside: It's Indiana, but that story is for another day.

Turkey, oh how I love thee. Plus it wouldn't be a true I'm thankful list unless I mentioned food. For the first time this year I believe that I will wake up Thanksgiving morning and my turkey will actually be fully thawed. Not one Thanksgiving has passed that I have not spent the better part of Thanksgiving morning trying to pry the neck from its icy grave. In the past I have almost resorted to tossing the turkey in the dryer on a nice little permanent press cycle to defrost it, yet have resisted. However, this year, no more insane "I wish I possessed a much larger microwave thoughts", because I'm feeling completely prepared.

I am thankful for friends that have become my family. I'm blessed in this way, being so far from my family family. Throughout this past year I have needed to lean very hard, and they have truly been there to keep me from tumbling over.

I am also thankful for raspberries when nothing else seems sweet, and kitties who fill my house with both fur and love. I'm truly blessed. Happy Turkey Day :)

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