Thursday, June 2, 2011

With a wee bit of luck maybe I'll show you my Blarney Stone

If there were a soundtrack to my life right now it would be called "Now That's What I Call Psyched Volume 12"...I'm off to Chicago in a matter of days where I will board a jet plane to Ireland!!! To further illustrate my psyched-ness, I found out yesterday that I'm in the middle seat of the middle row for a 9 hour flight and I just couldn't possibly give a poopyshit, cause that middle seat in the middle row will be the same one I am sitting in when I land on Irish soil.

There is of course a little housekeeping to take care of before I take off. Packing still isn't done but I imagine panic will take over for inspiration and I will somehow manage to cram every cold weather piece of clothing I own into my birthday present from the Gray Lining and Patty Cakes- the "Traveler's Choice Amsterdam Expandable Rolling Upright", in Orange! Which they hope will become known as the "Traveler's Choice Ireland Expandable Rolling Upright". Turns out, I think it just might.

Should be able to spot that puppy in baggage claim :)

Momma arrived yesterday to sit on my kids while I'm traveling, packing will be done tonight, and good-byes will be said tomorrow. Steve-O has already asked me if I possess a will should my untimely death occur by way of falling off a fairy mound or otherwise meet my demise in some type of weird Irish fashion...I do not. Its a free-for-all, and apparently he's going for the flat screens. My advice, get there early. Whoever takes the cats, can't just take the sweet one. They are a package deal, I'll haunt you if you split them up- look at it like this, if you want the rainbow, you've gotta put up with the rain.

Pictures and what I'm sure will be hilarious stories to come upon my return to the good ol' USofA. Until then picture me craic.

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  1. yeah i was a little selfish when i chose the seats... i believe there's a much lesser chance that i'll freak out and run around the plane screaming and pulling my hair out if i'm in the aisle seat :) at least you can lean to the side and land on a friend