Monday, April 18, 2011

Didn't see a single flea for sale

Ah the interweb...I love it, I really, really do. It seemed for the longest time it was that commanded my attention. I think it reminded me of 'home', good ol Southern Indiana. Somewhere along the way I forgot about the the toothless wonders that so often brought me tooth-filled smiles and became the mistress that consumed hours of my time, especially on Mondays when the wonderful little website promised tales of complete strangers hijinks from the weekend. I haven't quite let go of my youth, and the ability to be entertained by life's more immature things, as I still sneak over to tfln now and again but I think my internet viewing might actually be growing with me as not one week ago I found I'm in love, with DIY. This shouldn't come as a shock. Remember the clock and the bookcase, but this website essentially puts the best of the web DIY all in one place. Actually it puts the best of everything all in one place, and its all photos, none of that cumbersome reading stuff to deal with. Now, I find a picture I think is pretty and I'm one click away from the website it came from and hopefully instructions on how to make it myself!'s exclusive. I'm not a fan of exclusive when it comes to clubs, be that unsa-unsa or country, but when it comes to websites I have to admit...I want in. Like facebook when the only way you could have it was if your college was amongst their list; something about that draws me in. Basically you ask for a membership and then a week or so later they let you know if you're in or not and you start "pinning" your favorite things of the interweb up for others to explore. I'm awaiting my invite but in the interim I've been perusing other people's pin boards and after only a couple hours I was in possession of a list of ideas and the necessary supplies to create!

This weekend it was off to the flea market with Momma in tow to find all my supplies to make my projects come to life. I had high hopes for our trip, and was willing to battle temps in the high 80's to make my DIY dreams come true. What I didn't factor in was that the flea markets here really, really cater to old people. If any of my projects had required 10 pairs of socks for a dollar, readers or genuine leather fanny packs I would have been in heaven. Sadly, they did not. Momma was in heaven, came home with two new pairs of readers (for the low low price of $8 I might add) and said if she lived here she would come to the flea market every day it was open.

I don't want to get old.

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